A Tribute to Tribeca

I realize that it has been a long time since Tribeca films started but it continues to represent Latinos in entertainment as a standard and that is refreshing to me. Starting in 2011, Tribeca has offered quite a number of grants to starting filmmakers in South America. It has created a path for Latino film in America as well.

It Was Open Call

I have to say, the way that TFI started is stunning. The initial idea was to revamp South American film making and it was all based on an open call fund. The intention was to draw different Latin American filmmakers to work on Mexican Documentaries based on grants. This actually caused a number of limitations.

There was a strong urge to call in stories that truly showed a new side to Latino culture in a way that it has not been depicted previously. Moving away from stereotypes was the name of the game. The stories of drug cartels and of indigent poverty had become clearly tiresome.

Real Innovation

The call was to steer away from the usual Latino narratives and to shed some light on new trends in thought. This would initially take the approach of documentaries, or so it was thought. Though the documentaries did indeed hold a great deal of insight for the industry, it was not enough.

Then there was a real call for human stories and that is what got Tribeca into the limelight. Considering the fact that Tribeca funds some of the most up and coming Latino filmmakers of all time, it is important to know what motivations drove the movement in the first place.

New Creations

It has been noted by me and by many others that it is vital to step away from the predictable and depressing narratives that have become standard for many Latin American filmmakers. Now it is best to focus on the more heartwarming possibilities.

I found one example, the film, “Creator of Universes.” This is a documentary made by Mercedes Dominioni. The focus of the film is around the brother of the director of the film. He is 16 years old and diagnosed in the Autism Spectrum with Asperger’s.

He makes home movies along with his 96 year old grandmother. The progression of the film shows how the teenager begins to become concerned about her death. He makes the movies to look at his thoughts and offers this as a matter of performance.

The Point

Tribeca is trying to offer a great platform for Latino filmmakers and they want you all to know that all of us want to see some films that tough more on the heart like “Creator of Universes” does. You see, the stories you tell do not have to be about racial and political strife. They need to be about the real challenges of life.

When we come together and make real Latino art in film, appealing to human consciousness, then we are making good cinema and that will set the ground for many Latino filmmakers for years to come. That is what is of most importance here.